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Our most common questions:

Q: I need service on my mower, but did not purchase from a dealer or need to find a different dealer.
A: All authorized dealers can be found on our website by going to Use the Find A Retailer button in the upper right hand corner of the page. The locator will help you find local dealers in your area.
Q: How do I read the deck height indicator?
A: Some of our mowers come with letters indicating the deck height instead of numbers. Different models have different ranges and different cutting heights but “A” is always the lowest cutting height of your mower. Then “B” will be higher and so on. Depending on the model it will be in ¼” or ½” increments. For specific questions about your model, please refer to your Operator's Manual.
Q: I need an Operator’s Manual or a General Service Manual for my mower.
A: All of our manuals are available for free on our website under the support tab. You can find the manual for your mower by clicking the appropriate section and then search by model number. If your manual is not on-line, please contact your dealer.

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