Hustler® Extended Service Plan

Your decision to purchase a Hustler Turf zero-turn mower is a great investment. Hustler represents quality, innovation, superior customer care, and provides an industry-leading warranty. With the Hustler Extended Service Plan (ESP) you get even more peace of mind by protecting your investment long after the sale. Hustler ESP provides extended warranty coverage on the mower and engine up to two years beyond your original manufacturer’s warranty.

Should you sell or trade your covered Hustler product, any remaining ESP coverage is fully transferable to the new owner, creating added value. There is no third party involved with the Hustler Extended Service Plan. You simply get a solid protection plan designed and administered by Hustler Turf for discriminating owners like you. It’s coverage you can count on to keep you mowing.

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Protect Your Investment

When you buy a Hustler Turf zero-turn mower, you get one of the best warranties in the business. With Hustler ESP, you can add up to two years of coverage beyond the original warranty term. Hustler ESP is available exclusively from your participating authorized Hustler dealer. Please contact your dealer for pricing, eligible products, and complete plan details.

* Extended Service Plan follows same policies as original mower and engine manufacturer’s warranties. See your manual and your local dealer for complete warranty details on the mower.


  • Comprehensive, transferable coverage
  • Extended coverage on both the machine
    and engine*
  • One free pickup and delivery
    (mileage limits apply)
  • $0 deductible and no out-of-pocket costs on covered repairs
  • Sold by your authorized Hustler ESP dealer
  • Serviced by your authorized Hustler service provider and engine manufacturer dealer
  • Administered by Hustler Turf Equipment
    - Not a third party
Hustler Extended Service Plan Terms**

The Hustler Extended Service Plan coverage begins on the plan’s purchase date and continues through the end of the agreement period or until maximum hours have been reached on the covered product, whichever occurs first.

Coverage: Extended Service Protection

Hustler will provide labor and repair or replacement parts in accordance with the original warranty coverage. Hustler will also provide one free pick up and delivery of the covered mower within a 20 mile radius of the ESP retailing dealer, for any covered service.

Limit of Liability

The limit of liability under the Hustler Extended Service Plan, is the lesser of the cost of (1) the purchase price of the covered product excluding tax and delivery costs or (2) authorized repairs not to exceed the purchase price of the covered product or (3) replacement of the covered product with similar features or (4) reimbursement for authorized repairs or replacement. If the covered product cannot be repaired or if parts are no longer available due to the age of the covered product or discontinuance by the manufacturer, a product with similar features will be provided to you. Upon replacement, there is no longer any obligation for the replaced product under this agreement.

What is Not Covered***

The Hustler Extended Service Plan does not include maintenance or transportation for maintenance services.

The following items are also excluded:

  • Any product used in a commercial setting or rental basis
  • See your local dealer for a list of products not eligible for the Hustler Extended Service Plan
  • Any services not performed by an authorized Hustler or engine manufacturer servicing dealer
  • Any services not authorized by the administrator
  • Any additional costs for services not covered by this agreement
  • Incidental, consequential or secondary damages or

delay in rendering service under this agreement, or loss of use during the period that the covered product is at an authorized servicing dealer or otherwise awaiting parts.

  • Transportation, parts, or repairs due to normal wear and tear and items normally designed to be periodically replaced by the purchaser during the covered product’s life, including but not limited to blades, belts, batteries, light bulbs, hoses, etc.; loss or damage caused by war invasion or act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, riot, strike, labor disturbances, lockout, or civil commotion; damage from accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, introduction of foreign objects into the covered product, unauthorized modifications or alterations to a covered product, failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions, and external causes including third party actions, fire, theft, insects, animals, exposure to weather conditions, lightning, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail, earthquake, flood, water, acts of God or consequential loss of any nature.
  • Non-functional or aesthetic parts including but not limited to plastic parts, knobs, rollers, baskets, scratches, peeling, and dents
  • Accessories or attachments used in conjunction with a covered part
  • Service where no problem can be found
  • Breakdowns that are not reported within the terms of this agreement

The Hustler Extended Service Plan is available for non-commercial warranties only. See your local dealer for all eligible mowers. This program must be purchased within 365 days of the mower’s purchase date. This program may not be available in all regions or from all dealers. Contact your local dealer for complete details.


The Hustler Extended Service Plan is transferable by the original purchaser for the remainder of the original agreement period.

** This webpage contains a summary of the Hustler Extended Service Plan terms and conditions.

***See actual warranty for complete list of exclusions and limitations