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Leasing is a great alternative to traditional finance or cash purchases. By avoiding heavy upfront costs, you can keep your cash in your business while you upgrade to the newest equipment, all with less hassle. Here's some other great reasons to participate in a leasing program:

  • Low Monthly Payments – Payments less than “0%” loan financing on like terms.
  • Fixed Monthly Operating Expense – Your budget can be better managed with no unexpected charges, products under warranty.*
  • Easy Upgrades to New Technology – Change/update equipment to meet varying needs so you always have the latest and most productive equipment.
  • Off Balance Sheet Accounting** – May qualify for off-balance sheet treatment; free credit lines for other purposes.

For more details on the program, see below. To apply, click on the pre-approval application or call 866-806-8021.

Important Notice: Nothing herein shall be construed as an approval or commitment to finance or for provision of other service by Western Equipment Finance and its affiliates to any person. All transactions are subject to final credit approval by WEF and the execution of mutually satisfactory documentation.
*Subject to warranty hour and duration limitations
**Please consult your accounting advisor as to the potential accounting implications.

About Hustler’s Lease Structure

  • Lessor: Western Equipment Finance, Inc. (WEF)
  • Term: 24 or 36 months
  • Type: Lease with Stated Purchase Option
  • Equipment: Hustler Turf Equipment
  • Customers: Commercial only

Calculate Payments

Multiply the pay factor by the price of the equipment. Below is an example of a lease payment (estimate only)
Leased Amount $10,000

Monthly Lease Payments


<400 hours/year

<600 hours/year

<750 hours/year

<1200 hours/year

24 Months (Pay Factor)

$324.40 (.03244)

$332.10 (.03321)

$370.60 (.03706)

$409.10 (0.04091)

36 Months (Pay Factor)

$242.30 (.02423)

$247.30 (.02473)

$284.30 (.02843)


Monthly payment is calculated by multiplying equipment cost x pay factor, payment factors valid as of Oct. 2018.
Payment factors/terms offered OAC and subject to change. (minimum lease amount $5,000) Contact WEF or your dealer for current and seasonal pay factors.

Lease Return Incentives

Lease Return Incentives are benefits for customers who at the end of leasing Hustler equipment, sign a new lease for Hustler equipment. They include:

  • Excessive Wear Waiver – Up to $250 waived for excess wear on machines.
  • Excessive Hour Forgiveness – ½ of excess hours waived.
  • Hour Saver Credit – Credit for unused hours under original lease hour limit (75-350 hours) credit at $2/hour.

What Happens At The End of My Lease?

At the end of the lease, you would have the following three options:

(Customer will need to specify to WEF which of the end of lease options they would like to exercise 90 days before the lease ends.)

  • Continue leasing – same payment and purchase option
  • Purchase for predetermined customer lease purchase option
  • Return equipment to original Hustler dealer

Customer Lease Purchase Option
(% of original equipment cost)

Customer Lease Purchase Option


<400 Hours/Year

<600 Hours/Year

<750 Hours/Year

<1200 Hours/Year

24 Months





36 Months





To determine Customer Lease Purchase Option, multiply original equipment cost by the respective purchase option percent. Ex. A $10,000 lease for 600 hours per year for 2 years has a purchase option of .36 x $10,000 = $3,600.

Return Condition Requirements

The following conditions must be met when returning the equipment:

  • Everything must operate as intended
  • Only minor cosmetic damage
  • Batteries in good condition
  • All accessories/attachments properly installed
  • No structural damage
  • Tires 50% tread
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