VX4 Deck

The VX4 Deck combines four performance features to help provide a quick, clean, and professional looking cut: Versatility, Velocity, Vacuum and Volume. The combination allows professionals to move grass through the deck efficiently and consistently. 
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Super Z
Diesel Z
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Engineered vacuum efficiently lifts blades of grass to help deliver a clean cut.

  • Sufficient airflow causes the grass on the outer edge of the blades to rise for an even cut along the entire blade.
  • Adjustable front baffle allows you to create an ideal vacuum to match turf conditions.

Get more done faster. VX4 Deck found on models that go up to 16 mph.

  • Fast ground speed doesn’t compromise cut quality.
  • Shape of the deck is designed to reduce clogging even at higher speeds.
  • Spend less time cleaning clogged grass under the deck.

The shape of the deck creates a larger tunnel towards a wider discharge opening that assists with discharging clippings.

  • Gives professional looking results without sacrificing speed or having to double cut.
  • Less clogging under the deck.
  • Even distribution of discharged clippings equals less clumping and a better after-cut lawn appearance.
  • Funnels clippings up into the larger tunnel for a quick and easy dispersal.

Get a professional cut no matter the conditions, grass type, or season.

  • Adjustable front baffle changes airflow under deck to optimize cutting.
  • Reduces blow-out of leaves and clippings onto operators for a better experience.
  • Save time mowing with a perfect cut on the first pass at any speed.
  • Reinforced deck can handle a variety of terrain and obstacles.

Deck Features

Front Anti-Scalp Wheel

Anti-scalp wheels with internal bushings help protect turf from scalping damage or uneven terrain.

Heavy Gauge Mounts

⅜” guard helps protect the integrity of the deck from side impacts.

Deck Wrappers

7 ga. deck wrappers help fortify the deckplate.

Adjustable Front Baffle

Allows for adjusting the deck according to mowing season and grass type for a precise cut. 

Wear Guard

Poly replaceable wear plate helps protect deck trim edge and obstacles from damage.

Deck Guards

⅜” thick guard helps protect the integrity of the deck from side impacts.

Formed Discharge Stiffener

For rigidity to help movement at the discharge opening.

Formed Bump Bar

Angled contact surface formed and engineered to help protect the deck by deflecting impacts.

Stamped Deck Doublers

Stamped 7 ga. steel around the spindle mount areas creates a ⅜” total thickness designed to support the spindle and add strength to the deck.

Deckplate Reinforcement

7 ga. steel along the top of the deck is engineered to provide continuous support from front to back and help prevent the deck from bending.

Spindle Improvements

Debris Shield
Protects the top bearing from water, dirt, and debris.
Relief Fitting
Protects seals from overpressure when filling with grease.
Double Cast Iron Housing
Corrosion resistant and high tensile strength provides extra protection for spindles.
Grease Zerk
Easy access to grease the spindles.
Blade Bolt Protectors
Guards the bolts from being sheared off from uneven ground or hard debris.

Common Questions

Who needs the VX4?

The VX4 Deck is perfect for lawn care business owners, municipality’s parks and recreation, and schools and universities. It’s engineered for a cleaner, faster cut. And is perfect for all those who care for large areas of turf and require a stable and durable deck to handle the workload while delivering professional looking results.

How it works?

Some technological advances you have to see to believe.

When you mow with a VX4 Deck, utilize the Versatility by adjusting the deck and front baffle to optimal height for your cutting conditions. As you mow, the Vacuum forces every blade of grass to stand upright, from the center of the spindle to the end of the blade, and cut evenly.  

These loose clippings are lifted into an air-flow tunnel that was designed to force it along the front of the mower deck at high Velocity and discharge the wide chute opening. The wide tunnel and discharge chute ensure a large Volume of clippings are evenly distributed to prevent clumping.

VX4 Deck technology gets mowing done faster without sacrificing cut quality.

Why the VX4 is the industry’s best commercial deck?

When efficiency is the name of the game for commercial mower applications, you want the best and strongest performing deck in the industry.

At Hustler Turf, we know that in large commercial properties your mower can take a beating encountering random obstacles like tree stumps and pieces of concrete. That is why the VX4 Deck has been extensively tested on different terrain all over the USA to ensure it’s the toughest commercial mower deck available.

Heavy duty 7 gauge steel is used on almost every piece of this durable deck with a combination of robot and hand welding. With heavy-duty deck wrapper, spindle mounts, and deck edge protector, this deck has the strength to handle whatever your conditions warrant.

VX4 technology maximizes its Versatility, Velocity, Volume, and Vacuum performance features on the strongest commercial deck for clean, efficient cut every time.