Yellow 3D deck label VX

VX Deck

The Hustler VX Deck is engineered for extreme vacuum. The deck is designed to draw grass and leaves up into the mower blades helping achieve a consistent cut.

Available on:

Super S
Super Z
Super SF
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The underside of a yellow deck with the front gap between the steel blade wrap and the front edge highlighted in green
Full Width Air Channel

Open across the entire front deck, designed to allow crossflow in front of the cutting chamber to aid vacuum across the width of the deck.

The underside of a yellow deck with the front inner steel wall highlighted in green.
Internal Front Wall Height

Designed to help grass stand back up prior to being cut.

The underside of yellow deck with a steel piece highlighted in green extending from the deck opening inward
Cut-Off Baffle

Designed to help throughput and balance of airflow through the deck.

Front Wall to Blade Distance

Opened to allow for adequate grass throughput and aid in providing even clipping dispersal.

Close on a black anti-scalp wheel mounted to the front of a yellow deck
Anti-scalp Wheels

Located outside the deck to help keep the air channel unobstructed.

The underside of a yellow deck with the top of the blade spindle highlighted in green
Extra-High Sail Blades

Helps generate lift.

Blade Bolt Protectors

Helps protect the bolts from being sheared off from uneven ground or hard debris.

The underside of a yellow deck with the back side steel wrap around the blades highlighted in green
“Sharp” Wrapper Intersections

Help minimize air flow across the back of the deck.

The top of a yellow deck with the area around the spindle highlighted in green
7 ga. Deckplate with 7 ga. Stamped Spindle Mounts

Designed for durability and long life in sandy conditions.

The front edge of a yellow deck highlighted in green
Front of the Deck

11 ga. bull nose/ramp.