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Fleet Program

Hustler® Fleet Program

Image of many mowers in a row

We Help Make Your Business Profitable – The Hustler fleet program is the most aggressive in the industry. No one honors loyalty like Hustler and to qualify, you only need to purchase 2 units.

Once you’re in the program, your fleet pricing is good for a rolling 12 months. If you need to add a single unit 6 months from your original purchase, you get the fleet discount for that 1 unit and your 12 months starts over.

# of Units Purchased
Fleet Discount
Fleet: 2 Units
25% off MSRP
Super Fleet: 4 or More Units
27% off MSRP

Eligibility: Customers who purchase 2 or more eligible products on the same invoice.

Eligible Units:

  • FasTrak (2021 model and newer)
  • FasTrak SDX
  • X-ONE
  • Super Z
  • Super Z HyperDrive
  • Hustler Diesel Z
  • TrimStar
  • Super S
  • Super 104*
  • Super SF
  • Surfer Pro**

Details & Guidelines:

  • If you purchase an additional eligible unit within 12 months of the original invoice date, the same rebate %originally paid per unit will be applied.
  • You can continue to extend your fleet discount with purchase of at least one eligible unit during each subsequent 12-month period.
  • This additional sale does not increase the original # of units sold. You retain your original bracket discount, subject to current published MSRP at the time of additional sale.
  • Retail financing may be used unless otherwise stated in program.
  • Programs cannot be used in conjunction with other rebates or promotions unless specifically stated.
  • Participating locations only.

*Super 104 is counted as 2 units when part of a Super Fleet

**Will count toward fleet program minimum but not eligible for discount pricing

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