Hustler Fluid Products

Hustler Turf’s engine oil, fuel stabilizer and hydrostatic transmission oil products will help keep your machine running smoothly. Ask your local retailer about availability of these products.

Hustler Hydrostatic Transmission Oil

Zinc-based formulation for Hustler hydrostatic transmissions to extend equipment life. Formulated with tough synthetic base oils which resist viscosity loss due to shear and high heat.

  • Guards against heat, sludge and harmful deposits
  • Excellent cold and hot weather performance
  • Strong anti-wear protection
  • Helps maintain tight pump and motor tolerances which keep the transmission operating efficiently

Hustler Engine Oil

Hustler SAE 20W-50 motor oil is formulated to provide long-lasting wear protection for all four-stroke engines requiring API SL motor oil. Application and oil service intervals should follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Engineered specifically for use in engines powering Turf Equipment
  • Multi-viscosity oil helps extend engine life and increase performance
  • API Service SL
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s warranty requirements

Hustler Fuel Stabilizer With Cleaner

  • Triple corrosion protection for longer-lasting engine components.
  • Prevents gasoline oxidation for easier starts after storage/downtime.
  • Effective in all gasoline, including ethanol blends.
  • Powerful antioxidants to help prevent acids from forming.