What Every Commercial Operator Should Do Before Buying a New Mower

Why you should demo a mower

You spend what seems like hundreds of hours researching the right mower. You even talk to your family and friends to see what they think. Then you make up your mind and feel like you’re finally ready to head to your local dealer. It’s at this stage where many soon-to-be owners make the mistake of not test driving the mower before making the big purchase.

Test driving a commercial zero-turn mower helps you answer a few questions:

  • How does the mower feel to operate?
  • Do you like the responsiveness of the unit?
  • Do the ergonomics and features of the mower make for a comfortable ride?
  • Does the mower’s speed and maneuverability meet your expectations?
  • Can you see yourself operating this machine for extended time periods?

There are many zero-turn and stand-on mower models out there, and choosing one that’s just right for your needs can be challenging. All the above questions should be factored into your decision before making your purchase, along with considerations for how well the mower aligns to your business goals. Aaron Griffith, Director of Professional Dealer Sales for Hustler Turf recently shared his thoughts on the benefits of product demonstrations, “you owe it to your business to demo new products. There are new mowers that come out yearly and your business model can change over time. You should always be looking at ways to improve not only your business, but your efficiency as a landscaper or commercial operator.”

Aaron’s team of 18 professional development managers help commercial customers more fully experience how a commercial mower will perform, handle, and operate in different conditions. They also use the time spent with customers to educate them on the equipment’s features and functions, so operators walk away feeling informed and in a better position to choose their next commercial mower.

So next time you’re in the market for a commercial zero-turn or stand-on mower, take time to do your homework, but also make sure you try before you buy. You’ll be glad you did.