Gift Ideas for Landscapers

Zero-Turn Mower Accessories

A three bag catcher with a bow on it mounted on the back of a mower.

Commercial landscapers and homeowners spend the spring and summer months (and often well into the fall) mowing grass, mulching leaves, and generally tending the turf. For contractors, time is money and for the weekend warrior, yard time can be a necessary evil. Hustler Turf offers aftermarket products and accessories to improve lawncare efficiency and even make the time on your zero-turn mower more enjoyable. Read on for gift ideas for your favorite landscaper or treat yourself to new gear.  


When the mowing is done, it’s time to bag up debris and haul it away (unless you decide to mulch). Forget the raking and back-breaking manual bagging, we offer a generous line of baggers to fit both residential and commercial zero-turn mowers. Choose from powered, non-powered, 2-bagger, 3-bagger, and even dump-from-seat models that make yard clean-up a breeze.  

Flex Forks

Flex forks are essentially shock absorbers attached to the front wheels. They’re a favorite among commercial contractors who spend their days cruising across fields, yards, and every surface imaginable. Flex Forks improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut, particularly on bumpy or uneven terrain.

Light Kit

Work can’t always stop when the sun goes down. Whether you need to see across the yard or across the pasture, consider adding a light kit to your zero-turn mower. Kits contain high power 12-volt or LED lights that can be mounted to the front or top of the ROPS (rollover protection structure). Styles vary depending on mower type.  

Mulch Kit

Cut grass and leaves down to fine particles with a mulch kit. Available for residential and commercial units, mulch kits have extra sharp blades and a plug that blocks the side chute so clippings fall to the ground. Mulched grass decomposes faster, releasing nutrients back to the soil.  

Stripe Kit

If you’ve ever searched the hashtag #stripelife on social media, you’ve seen how creative people can be, turning their yards into eye-catching works of art. Lawn striping is created when the grass is bent to catch sun rays at just the right angle. Add this kit to make your lawn stripes look more uniform and precise. Plus, get the job done faster than manual striping.    


Charge your phone, listen to your favorite podcast, or make the mowing chore go faster by jamming out to your guilty pleasure playlist with a dual-port USB kit. Currently available for Raptor X, Raptor XL, Raptor XD models and the all-electric Zevo zero-turn mower.  

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Note - Products listed above not available for all models. See dealer for more details including price and availability.