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50th Anniversary Video

50th Anniversary Video

Meet The Raptor

Meet The Raptor


Hustler Turf – Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors


"I bought a Hustler Raptor SD would like to share my initial opinion. This is not my first zero-turn as it replaces another zero-turn mower that I managed to wear out. I decided to go with Hustler after doing a lot of research and reading many reviews, all of which were positive. I happened along a video of someone reviewing their new Hustler Raptor SD. I love this machine. It cuts beautifully. It cuts fast while still maintaining a great cut. The Raptor SD holds up great while cutting my hill and my ditch. I also noticed that it glides over the muskrat holes around the pond with ease. I love the fact that the Hustler is made in the USA. I have cut some really heavy ungroomed field area just to see how it would do, and it did great! Long story short, I have been recommending Hustler to everyone I know. Thank you for making a high quality product right here in the USA. Keep up the good work."

- J. Moore, White Lake, MI


“As this is my first foray into the ZTR market, I did a TON of research on nearly every brand and model of zero-turn that I could. I demo’d nearly a dozen different mowers. My local dealer brought out a 60” Raptor SD...I WAS SOLD! Every thing about this mower was a notch up from every other mower I’d tried, most of which cost several hundred dollars more. Better deck construction, heavier gauge frame, upgraded transmission, higher tip speed...the list goes on and on. I purchased the Raptor SD 54” and am looking forward to MANY seasons of trouble-free mowing and continued jealous stares from my neighbors!”

- M. Sudrovech III, Oxford, MI


"I bought my Raptor SD to replace my 50+ year old Ford Tractor and mowing attachment. The Raptor far exceeded my expectations. I have 5 acres plus a 2500' grass runway to maintain. The Raptor cuts mowing time in half! My fuel costs have also been reduced not to mention the outstanding comfort. Did I mention it is fast...Highly recommended!"

- R. Ray, Lakeland, FL


“There are so many features I can list about how great of a product Hustler has put into a small budget zero-turn mower. I love the quality of the cut the Raptor puts on my grass, and how evenly it throws it out. The smoothness of the levers has you moving with just a simple touch. Another quality that I like that I didn’t find on other zero-turn mowers is the fabricated deck, verses others with molded decks. I wanted a machine that would last long and be durable to what I put it through. You can tell Hustler took their time in designing this mower. I give the Raptor a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a zero-turn mower on a low budget.”

- J. Ramsey, Vilonia, AR


“Even after three weeks of growth, The Raptor easily cut through the toughest, tallest grass at three quarter throttle. The result was a perfectly even cut as good as mowers costing thousands of dollars more. I am very pleased with my Raptor and highly recommend Hustler products to anyone looking for a mower to fit any budget. The Raptor definitely lives up to the hype! My next mower will definitely be another Hustler.”

- B. Dougay, Sulfur, LA


“The FasTrak has a nice ride, especially with the Flex Forks. It’s also quieter than my previous mower and the blades last longer for the same cost. I really like the handling and the response of the drive train and the fuel gauge is nice so I don’t have to look into the tank.”

- B. Klenda, Hillsboro, KS


“Without a doubt, Hustler is the best mower I’ve used. The superior controls, handling, power, and durability make this the ultimate machine. I love my FasTrak because it is extremely simple while delivering a beautiful cut and stripe!”

- B. Krahn, McAlisterville, PA


“I own the Hustler FasTrak 60-inch cut and absolutely love it. I’m entering my third cutting season with it now without any problems whatsoever. The mower has everything you need and nothing you don’t. I researched zero-turn mowers for almost a year and looked at several brands. It all comes down to value for your dollar, and Hustler came out on top! I will never own another brand of lawnmower. Hustler mowers are awesome!!!”

- M. Gray, Cherokee, AL


"There is no comparison to my FasTrakSD with FX Kawasaki engine! Love my Hustler so much that I started a side business. Thanks Hustler for a quality cut and machine."

- J. Schleicher, Braham, MN


"All I have heard and seen on this Hustler FasTrak SD and what it can could do, does not match sitting on one and seeing for yourself what power this machine has! I am more impressed than I could have ever Imagined ... it's nothing but AWESOME! I have taken my Hustler FT SD to the same places and under the same conditions that another mower got stuck a number of times, and It has not even slipped. Thank you for putting me on the FasTrak SD - it's second to none. I can't believe how fast it cut the lawn. JUST UNBELIEVABLE! I thank Hustler for my great Investment - my money was well spent. A Hustler customer forever."

- S. Lee, Tarboro, NC


“I looked at all the major players in the zero-turn market and was immediately drawn to Hustler. The FasTrak SD was a perfect fit in quality, size, price and dealer network that I was looking for. Since my purchase I have fallen in love with the daunting task of yard maintaince again. The quality of cut, the speed at which I can maintain my 2 acres and the realibility of the mower is second to none. Thanks for the great mower!”

- C. Goulet, Saginaw MI


“I like the fact that my FasTrak SD will get through 36” gates. The machine is equipped with a heavy duty frame and I appreciate the durability. With my Hustler, I always get a great cut. I ‘m expanding my business this year and just ordered an X-ONE!”

- C. Hobbs, Owner Red Bridge Lawn Care


“As a commercial operator, I like the compact size of my Hustler 36” FasTrak. It works great for the narrow gates of backyards and it cuts down on my time versus using a traditional walk behind. I like the ease of setting the park brake by simply pushing out the control arms. It also has great power when I need it.”

- C. McAllister, Owner of Home Cuts Professional
  Lawn Service Denham Springs, LA


“We average 25 to 30 residential properties a year and recently upgraded from a 48” FasTrak to the FasTrak SD 54” with optional flex forks and LED lights, to save time since we took on some bigger properties. I have never had a problem with either mower and love working with my Hustler dealer. We are so proud of our Hustler we go to every spring to buy shirts and hats to wear during the season. I recommend Hustler to all my family and friends and anyone who asks, from people doing their own yards to someone with any size mowing business!"

- R. Tucker,  Belton, MO


“I own a small lawn care business and my X-ONE is the best mower I've ever owned - even mowers that cost way more. My dad also owns a lawn care company and that's all he's ever used. We are very thankful for hustler and their great quality and customer service. Every hustler mower I've had has always exceeded my expectations, and in these days when every dollar you earn is a hard earned dollar it means even more. I am a hustler owner for life.”

- N. Weakley, Murfreesboro, TN


“During my 10 years experience in the PGA tour, I had the pleasure of testing all brands of mowers. I found the Hustler does its job effortlessly. Other brands really let you know they are working hard instead of just getting the job done. When I switched to Hustler, I gained all my down time back. My operators are no longer part-time mechanics and I don’t have to stock extra parts for the machines.”

- J. Petrillo, IPM Landscapes Haddam, CT


“I totally love my Hustler X-ONE. I have plenty of power for mulching leaves in the winter, or with no change over I can mulch thick St. Augustine grass all summer long. I’m cutting three acre yards in a hour with ease. The seat is super comfortable for hours of commercial cutting every day and the ride of the bigger tires and chassis is a huge difference in comfort compared to smaller units. As always the first thing that brings me back to Hustler is it’s ease of deck selection and brake engagement. Over all, the X-ONE is my favorite machine I’ve owned thus far.”

- K. Sheets, Saint Amant, LA


“When it was time to purchase a new mower, I compared five different manufacturers. There was a clear winner in all categories: the Hustler X-ONE. Now, after three mowing seasons, it’s commercial durability, and low maintenance are its most impressive qualities. I mow 4.5 acres of rough terrain, and my X-ONE hasn’t missed a beat! I am now a very loyal and happy Hustler owner.”

- M. Hunter, Magnolia, AR


“I have been in landscaping for over twenty years. The Hustler X-ONE is the best mower I have ever used. The cut and handling of the Hustler is second to none. I will definately buy more Hustler Products!

- D. Bryant, E&G Lawn Care Cookeville, TN


“I just traded my Raptor SD in today to upgrade to a 54" Super Z and it is an awesome, comfortable machine. I can't say enough how impressed I am with Hustler products. Wish I would have started using them years ago.”

- B. Elliott, Geneva, FL


“I love my Super Z and mow around 5 acres every Saturday. I can mow all five acres in a hour less time than with my other mower with a beautiful result. The yard looks much better and I get done faster. What's not to love about my Super Z?!”

- T. Churchwell, Adamsville, TN


“I own a Hustler Super Z 60-inch, 31 hp. The Super Z cuts great, it’s fast and comfortable and has a great manufacturer warranty. I’ve never had to use the warranty and probably never will. These machines are built like tanks and I will never buy another brand.”

- B. Veasey, Elkton, MD


“My growing family moved from town to the country, and my 40-inch mower wasn’t keeping up with our six acres. It was my intention to demo a different mower every weekend and then make a decision. The Hustler dealer was my first stop. My salesman told me once I mowed with the Super Z, I would be sold. And he was right! The Super Z came off his trailer and never left. With the speed and power it will cut and cut without stopping or slowing down. And less time mowing means more time with my family.”

- D. Sumpter, New London, OH


“I have been in the lawn care business professionally for 12 years. I currently own several pieces of Hustler equipment including the Super Z and Super Z HD. They are more productive and efficient than equipment I have owned in the past. We use three units to do 500 acres in three days. The results are exceptional and I will continue to purchase Hustler mowers.”

- S. Gilbert, Double Precision Cookeville, TN


“When I started doing lawn care I was working for other companies using all the zero turn mowers. I came to the conclusion the Hustler Super Z was the mower for me, once I started my business. Most zero turn mowers bog down in thick grass. Not a Hustler, it just keeps on mowing. They use industrial grade hydraulic pumps and wheel motors, so it really only uses 18% of its ability and is the toughest mower I have ever used. Others mowers use 80% of the hydro pumps output. So after buying 2 Super Mini Z mowers, I finally bought a 60 inch VX4 HyperDrive Super Z and I love it!! I know I will never use another mower. Thanks for making a very high quality mower. #Hustlerforlife”

- A. Pope, Virginia Beach, VA


“I have always owned and personally operated Hustler mowers, most recently the Hustler Super Z with the HyperDrive, 72” Rear Discharge, FX1000 Kawasaki. The mower is virtually indestructible and works great for the common areas at our airpark community. We travel a significant amount of the time flying and need something that is absolutely dependable. Our Hustler Super Z HD never lets us down. The amount of power coupled with the HyperDrive system works great for our variety of turf that is mowed. Some of our turf is maintained weekly, while some other areas are monthly. We love the rear discharge deck on the mower because it keeps debris from flying everywhere. It allows us to mow anytime, even when the field is busy with aircraft. There is a reason why a vast majority of the residents out here own Hustler mowers, and that is because they are the best.”

- D. Clemens Benton, KS


“I have been using Hustler mowers for many years now in my landscaping business. I started out with a Mini Z and have recently upgraded to a Super Z HD. Hustler mowers in my opinion are the best in their class. They are built to withstand day-after-day of commercial use. Their warranties can’t be beat by competitors as well, showing they truly believe in their product. Hustler takes the time to ask both their dealers and customers alike for their suggestions on how they can improve their products and actually implement those ideas into their new models. You will never see any other zero-turns on my trailer except for yellow Hustlers.”

- K. Brown, Kirk’s Lawn Care Spring City, PA


“We run seven Super Z HDs. The Super Z HD has a bulletproof hydro system that does not give any downtime. The warranties are awesome, especially the 5 year / 3000 hour hydro pump/motor warranty. These machines have cut our repair times down tremendously. Our employees complain because they never have a reason to take a break!"

- S. Brickhouse, Landscaping Unlimited Washington, NC


“My Hustler Diesel has been a great machine - no problems so far. After four years, all I’ve had to replace is a bolt! The durability of this mower is amazing. The machine also gives me the best fuel economy I’ve experienced in any of the mowers I’ve operated. Thank you Hustler for great products and service.”

- B. Jones, Precision Lawn Care, Auburn, NE


“I chose the Hustler Z Diesel 60” mower for its intuitive controls, ease of maintenance, and rock solid build quality. What I didn’t expect was that the fuel savings of the diesel mower over my old gas mower would make my monthly payment! Time spent mowing is cut down by half and fuel usage is down 300% on each mowing. Thank you Hustler Turf for an outstanding machine!"

- B. Zambotti, Kittanning, PA


“ I love the Hustler Z Diesel. It never lacks power and with the rear discharge deck its just what we needed. The parts and service availabilty has also been great.“

- W. Szentpetery, West Salem, OH


“We love the Hustler Super 104. It’s a great time saver, comfortable, doesn’t compact and is extremely easy to load. It’s the Cadillac of mowers!”

- T. Herman, USD 457, Garden City, KS


“We used to run Hustler 4600 Range Wings and now that the mid-mount technology has progressed so much, we have the benefits of a mid-mount as well as a wide area mower. Hustler has really outdone themselves with the Super 104!"

- S. Brickhouse, Landscaping Unlimited, Washington, NC


"The thing that I like most about the Hustler Super 104 is the quality of cut. We must have a super nice cut on the grounds and we get that with the Super 104. The machine is a super time saver and we’ve had no problems so far. The Super 104 is a very impressive machine - we love it!"

- B.Mueller, Mueller’s Turf Maintenance
Evergreen, CO


“We bought the Hustler Super 104 because it cuts down on labor and is a huge time saver!”

- E. Yoder,  Lawrence, KS


“The university purchased six Hustler 3700s three years ago. We use the machines with 72” mulching deck in the summer and a dozer blade with cab and heater during the winter months. Our staff likes the roominess and visibility of the cab as well of the quick install time of the cab, which is just one hour. The deck removes easily and the dozer blade is easy to install in its place. The 4-wheel drive is good for slopes in the summer and provides extra traction in the winter. We have experienced minimal problems with the machines and the engines have performed with no problems."

- M. Purdue, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS


"The Hustler 3700 has proven to be a reliable and versatile machine for our snow removal operations. They are well designed for comfort and ease of operation and maneuver well in the areas where we use them."

- F. Heagler, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Wichita, KS


“The Hesston Parks Department has been using the 3700 unit for several years. We find it works best on slopes and tough traction areas with the rear wheel assist. Operator comfort comes from the wheel base and tire size and in some conditions the operator seat height. The addition of a power broom and soft cab has made it a dual season unit with reasonable fuel use. Overall the 3700 has been a great addition to our equipment line up.”

- K. Schwanke, Park Supterintendent, Hesston, KS


"What a great piece of technology! The ZEON is fast, quiet, and high performing, plus there is no smelly exhaust - while impressively outperforming my conventional gas riding mower. What a pleasure it is to not have to deal with fuel and other messy additives.

- D. Wallach,Greensburg, KS


“I will be entering my fourth season with my TrimStar 48-inch cut machine. Through several hundred hours of work, my Hustler TrimStar has performed with ‘zero’ breakdown issues. I am especially impressed with the strength and durability of my machine. I work the mower hard yet the frame is still nominal in profile, balanced and the power train is still at peak performance. My TrimStar has been a great investment with no repair cost to date. So I bought an X-ONE.”

- S. McCreary, Mt. Airy, NC


“The performance of the Hustler TrimStar and the quality of cut is unbelievable. The H-Bar steering is so user friendly and the response is great. Best walk behind mower out there!!!”

- J. Schlesener, Schlesener Lawn Service Herington, KS


“The TrimStar’s H-Bar steering takes my new operators on a short learning curve and shortly the efficient machine is an extention of their bodies. I also appreciate that my Hustler dealer provides the best customer service I could ask for. Above and beyond every time I step in the door.”

- J. Petrillo, Haddam, CT


“I have been using Hustler mowers for over 14 years. I first started using Hustler because of how fast they are and how well they maneuver. Soon thereafter I became committed to Hustler because of their durability, reliability, longevity, and efficiency. The new ATZ has been a perfect addition to the fleet of Hustler mowers as it has allowed us to effectively mow manicured hillside areas that before could only be done with push mowers. It has cut down our labor time significantly and the quality of cut makes the overall grounds look much better. I am a lifelong, committed customer!”

- L. Berry, Lee University Cleveland, TN


"We have Hustler ATZs assigned to three campuses and I have not heard one complaint from the custodial staff. These units are durable and built to withstand long periods of operation. We like the pump guards, design layout and ease of accessibility for maintenance. The ATZ is comfortable and ergonomically correct and the deck lift assit minimizes operator strain. Previously we used line trimmers to manicure slopes which was very strenuous on the custodians, but the ATZs safety footprint has allowed us to get the job done quicker and with less operator fatigue."

- W. Heppel, Fort Worth Independent School District, Ft. Worth, TX


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