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At Hustler®, we design our products to be best-in-class. Our new side-by-side offering is a rugged, durable and versatile work utility vehicle that combines the industry’s most popular features with the ability to lift, lower and dump its cargo at any point along its arc of motion. In fact, the Hustler MDV’s patented LeveLift bed technology can lift up to 750 lbs. With LeveLift, the MDV does the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.


The Hustler MDV is so much more than a utility’s the Maximum Duty Vehicle. It’s bigger, stronger, faster, and ready for whatever the job demands.

MDV LeveLift

Flip the switch and LeveLift brings the cargo box up, back and down, letting you load at ground level or any point along its arc of motion, allowing one to do the work of many.

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